Thursday, March 08, 2007

Odius Pundit of the Day

I felt sick after read reading this Jonah Goldberg's awful drivel about how unfair Scooter Libby's conviction is and how the Wilsons have benefited from the scandal. Mia Culpa has a good point that the LA Times is just much a "wanker" for publishing this crap.

Goldberg clearly thinks the federal laws that make it crime to lie to the FBI and Grand Juries are unfair. He really should be true to his convictions and call for repeal those laws so everybody gets to the tell the FBI whatever lie is conveinent for them. Or perhaps what he really wants is a blanket exception to the law for members of Republican administrations. Of course, Goldberg thought purjury was a serious offense during the Clinton administration. But in Goldberg's twisted mind, there are different laws for Democrats and Republicans.