Monday, October 22, 2007

AT&T is a bunch of crooks

I recently moved my cell phone service to T-Mobile and found that AT&T (Cingular) doesn't prorate your last month's bill. They bill for the month in advance and if you cancel, they keep all your money. I'm throughly incensed by this nasty practice. I ported my number out only about 5 days into the billing cycle so AT&T has effectively pocketed 5/6s of a months charges for doing nothing. I'm sure it's in 8 point font in the terms of service so its probably legal just unethical.

I will never go back to AT&T / Cingular. This practice is throughly reprehensible in my opinion. The cell phone was my last AT&T service. I had already switched to local phone service and internet through my cable company. I'm glad to be done with these crooks.