Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The arrogance of journalists

I should stop being surprised that the arrogance of American journalists which knows no bounds. I've gotten used to this absurdity with political journalism. David Brooks bizarre hit piece, "The Liberal Inquisition", on bloggers supporting Lamont in the NYT this week no longer surprises. Brooks inhabits of world sophmoric pundrity so he can't surpise me any longer.

Foturne's article, "The New Rules" where a business journalist proceeds to rewrite Jack Welch's playbook is nothing short of astonishing. Welch's playbook brought GE amazing success during his tenture. What qualifies a writer for Fortune to so much as add a comma to Welch's rules I don't know.

The article then proceeds to try to pin corporate frauds on Welch's concept of shareholder value which is absurd. Emphasizing creating real value is not the same as cheaters and frauds who's only method to post good numbers is to cook the books.

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