Sunday, June 03, 2007

Disgusting Coal Subsidies

The coal industries attempt to give massive subsidies for liquid coal technology is just sickening.

Watch Al Gore call this boondongle a "Horrible Mistake":

I've been really pleased to see Gore on various programs promoting his new book, "The Assult on Reason" I haven't had time to read the book yet due to my rather heavy reading load but seeing him call the Bush adminstration to task has been great.

I was quite dismayed to see Senator Barack Obama co-sponsering this disaster of a bill. I haven't been much of an Obama fan and have been leaning towards Edwards for a while now. However, that any top-tier Democratic Presidential candidate is co-sponsoring a bill that will be a carbon disaster is a disappointment. I don't believe this sequestering fairy tale either. Sequestering technology doesn't exsist and wishing it did doesn't make it so.

I hope Gore runs in 2008. While I'm confident Edwards would be an outstanding president, Gore is best person to both fix the global warmining mess and restore America to sanity after 8 disasterous years of Bush Jr. That Bush beat got close enough to steal the election in 2000 from Gore still boggles my mind. We had the oppurtunity to elect a great a leader and we got an incompetitent fool whose running the country like King Lear.

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