Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Bush Press Conference

Our idiot presidnet had another press conference today. He surprised by giving the first question to Helen Thomas but then proceeded to answer with same tired talking point he'd been using in his prepared statement. Bush doesn't even appear to have the mental capacity to realize Iraq has descended into sectarian strife and there's nothing that we can do to end it.

According to Bush Al Queda has the attention span of my cat and since we are distracting them in Iraq, the equivalent of a shink object to my cat, they can't possibly launch attacks in the US.

Best question though was whether Bush was "disappoiinted" in the advisor who had leaked Plame's name. He essentially said no and blamed the prosecutor which was a non-sequitor in relation to the questiion. I likled this question because it got to the heart of matter. Bush believed the leak was acceptable conduct. In Bush's world anything that furthers his agenda is acceptable.
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