Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Deborah Bowen on Forum

Deborah Bowen did a fantastic job on KQED's Forum this morning explaining her decision to decertify insecure voting machines. I was extremely impressed with Secretary of State Bowen especially as she had to deal with a whiney Stephen Weir, Contra Costra County Clerk, who kept making lame arguments about how these touch screen machines hadn't been hacked yet.

Of course, there is no way of knowing whether a machine has been hack which is why these touch screen machines are so dangerous. This so called public servant Weir seemed much more concerned about how much work he'd have to do to switch to more secure systems than whether the integrity of an election could be compromised.

I hope Bowen has a long future ahead of her in California politics as this state desperately needs all the smart, competent and articulate people it can get in government. I can see Bowen making a great governor. Certainly better than Newsom or Villaraigosa who likely be running for the job in 2010.

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