Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone reaction

My first reaction to the iPhone is that $499 + 2 year contract seems awfully expensive. Figuring the contract provides a $200-$300 discount on the phone only (not that it's available), this is $750 cell phone. It's more expensive than a Mac mini.

I would love to see Apple's internal marketing positioning statements and market share projections. How many people are there who would pay $500 + 2 year contract for a cell phone? Although Steve mocked the Blackberry, it's entreneched with the business customers who buy $500 cell phones. The iPhone is not going to be able to match the Blackberry on access to enterprise email.

Perhaps like most phones, the discounts will appear after the first 6 months. I also wonder about the wisdom about hyping a product not available for 6 months.

I'm also curious to see how the virtual buttons work out. I tend hate them as I can't seem to accurately press any button that doesn't have tactile feedback.

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