Friday, January 12, 2007

Carter Center Resignations

I admire President Carter's courage stand in his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid and am sadly not surprised that he has been unfairly attack for it.

The reason I'm not surprised about the attacks on Carter is that he has violated that the unwritten rule in America that that the state of Israel and it's government (whether a left or right government) is always rights and whatever hardships the Palestians suffer are their own fault. The brazeness of the hypocracy made clear in the CNN report about the resignations at the Carter center me caught suprise though:

The letter to Carter accused him of abandoning his "historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side." Carter's book confused "opinion with fact, subjectivity with objectivity and force for change with partisan advocacy," the letter said.

Those resigning perhaps aren't comfortable taking sides? Only if it is the wrong side. The very next paragraph:

"Israelis, through deed and public comment, have consistently spoken of a desire to live in peace and make territorial compromise to achieve this status. The Palestinian side has consistently resorted to acts of terror as a national expression and elected parties endorsing the use of terror, the rejection of territorial compromise and of Israel's right to exist. Palestinian leaders have had chances since 1947 to have their own state, including during your own presidency when they snubbed your efforts."

The only conclusion from the resignation letter is that Carter is only partisan because he's the wrong side and those nasty Palestians clearly deserve their lot.

Carter could have avoid this fight and looked the other way when he saw injustice. He must have known the critcism he'd endure. I admire him for taking this stand.

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