Thursday, May 24, 2007

Press Conference Wakeup

Woke up to Bush's press conference this morning. I hate press conference mornings since my alarm is just turning on NPR and I'm half wake listening that fool Bush talking. I'm probably on about equal intellectual footing with Bush for the first 5 minutes as I wake up.

My summary is of the press conference is Bush claimed "Do what I say about Iraq or you and your children are going to die" Specifically talking about the reporters childern dying at the hands of terrorists was in particularly poor taste. All Bush has left is some ludicrious claim that pulling out of Iraq in going to lead deaths here. Unfortunately no one asks him why he assumes Al Queda is like a moth to the flame of Iraq and it couldn't both launch attacks in Iraq and here simultaneously. Or better yet reporters ought to ask Bush why he has so little confidence in his own "Home Security" measures that he believe the US can't stop terrorist plots here. Guess the TSA taking away my water bottle really hasn't made anyone safer.

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