Thursday, May 24, 2007

The real reason tech companies don't the like immigration bill

The H1-B system is boon to tech companies. It's the modern indentured servitude since if H1-B holders quit their jobs and they get deported. Oracle and its bethren are whining about the proposed point system claiming it won't get them the workers they need but their real objection is that they won't get captive workers.

There's an easy and economically sound way to test the hypothesis that H1-B's have extra value because they chain workers to their jobs: auction all the H1-Bs. A treasure-style modified dutch auction would not only raise government revenue but also give us the true value of this visas to employers. If such a plan were proposed I suspect US industry would whine even more than European celluar providers did over the spectrum auctions. Business doesn't really want government to run like a business since they would start having to pay market price for all the favors government now provides them.

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BillT said...

Check out the verification for social security numbers in the bill as well.